New line of modular stainless steel elements “SI.TH76”

New line of modular stainless steel elements SI.TH76New line of modular stainless steel elements “SI.TH76” designed for the foodservice industry and the bakery sector.

The new collection is aimed at a market segment that focuses on products with a quality finish and a high level of hygiene. The “SI.TH76” line is characterised by:

- Cabinets with a 760 mm height, which can be mounted on feet or built-in on plinths.

- Assembly of parts using welding or riveting, with elimination of holes and junction spaces between individual elements.

- Bending achieved using an electronically controlled panelling machine that guarantees perfect workmanship and the highest quality finish.

- Worktops with rounded edges at the front and teardrop-edges on the service side.

- Concealed magnetic door closure for a new line that is functional and easy to use.

- Easy integration with heating and chilling elements.

“SI.TH76” makes it possible to create a central preparation island consisting of various elements including: cabinets with hinged or sliding doors, drawer units, oven racks, refrigerating units etc., equipped with a single double reinforced worktop, complete with dropped surfaces for cutting boards and built-in cooking area.


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